Control – Fussion Condoms 12 Units

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An explosion of aphrodisiac aromas.

When you want to add a touch of fantasy to moments of passion, Fussion is the ideal choice: each case contains condoms with 3 different scents: chocolate, peach and strawberry. Ideal to give an extra dose to the relationship and awaken the senses with always new colors and aromas.

  • Format: 12 condoms
  • Material: natural latex
  • Colour: Brown / Green / Yellow
  • Characteristics: Assortment of aromas (chocolate/strawberry/peach)
  • Shape: Anatomical Fits
  • Lubrication: Standard silicone based, scented. Thickness: 0.070mm
  • Length: 190mm
  • Nominal width: 54mm

Informação adicional

Peso 50 g
Dimensões (C x L x A) 35 × 65 × 125 mm